5 Creative Tips To Improve Your Business

Written by Mish Maudsley on 4th October 2013

(Last updated 18th March 2022)

We have been to some really great conferences recently and have noticed some recurring themes and messages coming through.

Although these speakers were aimed at the creative community, there was some great advice applicable to all businesses and organisations looking to improve their internal processes and engage with their users more effectively. These may all seem pretty obvious, but actually sometimes, we are all too busy and focused to remember, so here are 5 creative tips that might help to improve your business...


More heads are definitely better than one, there is no way one person can know everything about everything. Team up with other experts to make your business stronger.

Share Ideas 

When generating ideas it’s good to get input from everyone, even if you’re not sure that they have the all the answers.  Don’t rush in -  sometimes the best ideas come when you’ve allowed them to marinate for a while.  Don’t be afraid to be wrong, failure is a healthy part of the process.


If you’ve got an idea, draw it out, this makes it a collaborative act, breaks down barriers and encourages discussion. Getting away from the computer can be liberating!

Brand is the whole experience

Your brand is not just your website, it is the whole experience you offer to your user. Consider the tone of voice you use in your copy, the messages you put across and how you reward your users for interacting with your brand.


Truly understanding your user is key for creating a really engaging product, their situation, goals & limitations must be understood in order to be of use to them.

Keeping these concepts in mind should help to make your company a more inspiring and a rewarding place to work, and help you to engage with your users more effectively.

Big thanks to Reasons to be Creative, dConstruct and Brighton Digital Festival for inspiring us all.

by Mish Maudsley