8 Awesome types of Illustration in web design

Written by Mish Maudsley on 27th February 2014

(Last updated 9th December 2022)

There are many effective ways of creating a great impact with your website. One of the most versatile and largely overlooked is Illustration. It is an incredibly effective tool in any designer and Art Directors toolkit, a whilst it is not appropriate for everything, it does create a great platform for inventiveness.

Illustration is not just decorative, but is a powerful tool in the art of communication. It's very purpose is to explain & communicate concepts without using words. So when illustration is used appropriately, its great at reinforcing brand values and engaging the user in a really subconscious and charming way.

Although you can’t really pigeonhole illustration, it’s use in web design can be defined in a number of approaches. Below are some great examples of how illustration has been used in web design to great effect.



Mascot / Character

Interactive Infographics



If you have any great examples of the use illustration in web design, get in touch, we'd love to hear from you.

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