Adding extra content types to records in TYPO3 - creating more interesting news layouts

Written by Will Chidlow on 10th July 2019

(Last updated 5th July 2023)

In this short TYPO3 tutorial we cover how to add additional content types to TYPO3 records. By definition records in TYPO3 are designed to provide a rigid structure so content of the same type can be displayed with a consistent style. Whilst this is preferred the majority of the time, there are occasions when more layout flexibility is required between records. A great example of one of these occasions is for news type content. There are very few websites where every news article will follow the exact same layout and this is when content blocks in TYPO3 come in really handy.

In this video I start with a basic news record and expand it to show you how content blocks open up many opportunities for creating flexible layouts within TYPO3 records.

This video assumes that you can already login to your TYPO3 website and already have a basic understanding of the CMS. check out our other TYPO3 training videos where we cover a range of other helpful topics to help you learn TYPO3.

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