Bellwood Prestbury Launched

on 24th February 2010

(Last updated 9th February 2016)

Bellwood Prestbury, an independent global insurance and international employee benefits specialist, have a new site that unifies and portrays their personal driven approach to their service. Liquid Light have been able to provide a very fast and effective solution - a fine example of effective client involvement in a project.

Bellwood Prestbury wanted a re-design of their 7 separate websites that were each targeting different audience groups.  They had a very strong identity of who they are as a company and were clear about the clean, professional image that they wanted to portray of their personal driven approach to their service.

In order to unite and strengthen Bellwood Prestbury’s web presence, Liquid Light devised a plan of merging their existing seven separate websites with the provision of a single site that would cater to key audience groups whilst providing dedicated landing pages for more specialist target audiences.

The design of the new site has involved a bold move to steer away from the stereotypical corporate image to a more personal and professional look with the use of aerial view photography from around the world.