Bytes Conf - 16th November 2017

on 17th November 2017

(Last updated 5th July 2023)

Bytes 2017

On the 16th November, Bytes Conf once again opened it's doors for an evening of entertainment and truth bombs from four fantastic speakers. Hosted by our very own Candi and Mike, Bytes Conf is about making an affordable, accessible conference for everyone.

The charity for this years Bytes Conf was Codebar, a non-profit initiative that facilitates the growth of a diverse tech community by running regular programming workshops. All of the money from the ticket sales and raffle on the night was donated to this great cause.

With everyone's help, we managed to raise a staggering £607.05 for codebar!

All the photos from the night can be found on Flickr - taken by João Augusto

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Find below a list of the speakers, what they spoke about and a video to see the talk. Videos were filmed by Will Chidlow.

Davs Howard - The truth about "full-stack"

@davshoward /

Talk description:

The term "full-stack" is an interesting term in the modern web dev world - often seen as a 'Jack of all trades, master of none' in an industry striving for excellence. This talk will dive into the life of someone who spans multiple disciplines, the struggles they face and the components of their personality and skill set that they consider vital to a fulfilling role.

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Amber Wilson - Psychology and the Web

@ambrwlsn90 /

Talk description:

Amber has found that the skills and experiences she picked up studying and working within Psychology have guided her as a developer - sometimes in surprising ways, always in useful ways, and in some ways, she has yet to discover. She is excited to bring along her unique perspective on web development through the eyes of a discipline she knows so well. She'll talk to us about how folk that work on the web can be aware of other disciplines that surround us, embrace their lessons, and harness these to build both a stronger web and stronger bonds with each other.

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Alice Reeves - How To Set Your Business Up For Social Media Success

@alice_reeves /

Talk description:

In this talk, Alice will provide her most important tips for setting yourself and your business up for social media success. While it's incredibly easy to set up a social media account (after all, even your Nan can do it) it's surprising how many businesses miss out these simple but key steps for optimising, integrating, and signalling to their social media presence. Alice will cover the most common things that get overlooked by businesses when setting up their social media, and share the changes you can make to your social media right now to have the biggest impact.

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Matt Keogh - This much I know: 15 years experience in 20 minutes.

@matsaukeo /

Talk description:

Is there life on Mars? Will Brexit happen? Matt doesn't know either. But after 15 years of designing websites, he knows a few things about becoming a better designer which he’d like to share.

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