How can your business benefit by using video?

on 28th June 2018

(Last updated 5th July 2023)

Why are so many businesses using video these days, and why might it be time for you to consider why your business should use it too? I’m Candi from Liquid Light and today we’re going to talk about the fastest growing content type on desktop and mobile - video.


Video is a great way to not only build and grow a new audience, it is also a great way to please the customers that you already have. There's definitely a proven user demand for it, 43% of customers have said that they want businesses to provide them with me video, and in a recent survey 51.9% of marketing professionals said that video was the number one type of content for return on investment. 


It can seem a little bit daunting and it can be a bit of a minefield but today we’re going to break it down into manageable chunks. So Let’s get started.


Different businesses will have different needs but most will fit into one of these four categories; informative content, educational content, entertaining content, or inspiring content. This goes hand-in-hand with the four most common types of videos; product demos, how to videos, explainer videos, and client testimonials. Let’s take a closer look at informative and educational content.


Examples of informative and educational content could be a video on how to use a product, it could be tips or guides around topics in your industry or you could even go a step further and look at doing live product demonstrations. 


In a recent survey 54% of people said that they watched a video to learn how to use a product or service, but there’s one thing we want you to have a think about, and that’s the length of your video. Statistically videos under 90 seconds retain around 53% of the people that are watching it but videos that are over 30 minutes retain only 10%. We are not saying that you should make every video under 90 seconds,  your video needs to be as long as it needs to be, just not any longer!


Another example of informative and educational content is client testimonials and case studies. This is a fantastic way to show your brand trust and to showcase the clients you already have.


We are a review driven society, if your friend says “there’s a pizza place round the corner that’s really good, you should definitely go and try it out” you are much more likely to go than if you haven’t been referred in the first place.  Video testimonials are the video equivalent of that, if Margaret from Swansea says your fantastic then you must be!


What we’ve covered today is just the tip of the iceberg but hopefully we’ve given you some good ideas about how your business can use video, if you like to find out more why not get in touch? We would love to speak to you about how we can help your business use video. Thanks for watching and we hope to hear from you soon