Parasol is re-branded

on 7th August 2009

(Last updated 9th February 2016)

Parasol is one of the leading names in contractor and freelancer support, providing 100% compliant, tax-friendly support service for contractors and freelancers. For a second time, Liquid Light were given the task of reskining the site, this time to incorporate their playful and friendly re-brand.

With a tight deadline, the Liquid Light team had to use quick thinking and decision making to interpret the print brand guide into a convincing online format that would be ready in time to coincide with other external marketing of the Parasol brand re-launch. The result is an engaging, colourful, professional looking marketing site, which effortlessly communicates to the user in a friendly and personal manner what the Parasol service is and how it can benefit them. The site has had outstanding feedback across the board since it’s launch.

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