What I have learned in my first month at Liquid Light

on 25th March 2022

(Last updated 5th July 2023)

Wow, this company is a well-oiled machine. Liquid Light has been around for 20+ years, so it’s had time to iron out creases, but because of its highly organised characteristic, it exudes being organised to every individual. Transparency and having a process leads to clear communication and efficiency. This is just one insight into what I have learnt in my first month as the new Junior Account Manager. 

I joined to support the two Account Managers (Emily and Cristina) with the retainer clients. The majority of these clients are non-governmental organisations and nonprofits. It feels good to know I am supporting organisations that are positively contributing to the world. 

Each day poses different tasks, it could be uploading new content, adding new pages or working with developers on new features. I enjoy auditing websites and providing feedback on how we can improve the user interface. Plus, implementing SEO changes keeps me busy!

First Day at Liquid Light

Greeted by friendly hellos and an Old English Sheepdog called Poppy, I walked into a bright open-plan office. It’s been awhile since working in an office, so it felt great leaving my home and having a change of scenery.

I have worked for companies of different sizes and ages, and when you walk in, you never know what to expect. So, I arrived with an open mind, ready to take on whatever Liquid Light wanted to throw at me or what I have experienced, tasks kindly handed to me. 

Everyday, apart from Fridays, we start with a Stand Up. This is where Mike (CTO and craft beer drinker) reads through all the booked meetings, and we all take turns describing what we achieved the day before, and what’s on our agenda for the day, not to mention if you have any blockers. The beauty of this simple act is that we are transparent with one another. Where do we need support, and by who? What colleague or client is blocking which task?

In my first Stand Up, they took the opportunity to say a couple of facts about one another. We have an interesting bunch! We have several plant enthusiasts, dog owners, minimalists, #van-life… It was good to know I was joining a company where team members take the time to get to know one another. 

My first meeting with my line manager, Owen (Strategy Director and fellow plant enthusiast) consisted of going through how the company is structured, new-business strategy, revenue pipelines and how Liquid Light estimates the time and cost of projects. 

You may think that talking about the company's structure is very formal, and in most companies there’s a traditional hierarchical format, but here it’s quite the opposite. This company is very linear. Everyone has their job roles, and expectations to work hard and consistently. There is also a trust. They are not here to scold you if you are 5 minutes late in the morning or are struggling with a task and running behind schedule. Your colleagues are here to support you, so you can be successful in your role. Even when costing new projects, they take a realistic approach, and don’t want to see their employees burning out. 

Typo3 Training

Now, most people who arrive on this website may have heard of Typo3. For those who don’t, please let me explain. 

Typo3 is the most organised CMS I have seen in a long time. Well, I think that may have to do with how Liquid Light organises it. At first it may seem a little overwhelming, like any new piece of software to a non-techy person, but once you understand how it functions, then you’re on fire (in a good way). If you’re on fire, not-in-a-good way, then many of my colleagues are there to help. 

I had training with Will, one of our Senior Designers (also a YouTuber and videographer). He went through the basics of Typo3 to set me up and since then I have been adding to my Typo3 knowledge with the help of the whole team. 

What have I found out about Liquid Light?

Now it’s unusual for companies not to have their mission statement and company ethos displayed all around their website. But, if you take the time to read about Liquid Light, you will come across personality, clarity and hard work. 

In my first month, I have experienced those three things and more. 

  1. Personality - Each team member brings personality to the business, different insight and knowledge means that problem solving is collaborative - you’re never alone in your work. 
  2. Clarity - There are processes in place to ensure that we are all working efficiently. It’s also clear on what my expectations are and it doesn’t include everything and the kitchen sink! But, there is an expectation of growth. Increase my knowledge in areas I find most interesting and offer more to the company - all done in company time and in your learning budget.
  3. Hard work - You turn up, play your part in this machine, keep your cog turning and produce great results. You then leave on time and go live your life whether that's walking the dog, heading out to climb rocks or running around with your children.

Overall, I have experienced a great first month as the new Junior Account Manager. I’m looking forward to taking on new tasks and expanding my knowledge of Typo3 and web design. Not to mention working on the team to create exceptional websites.