Why not talk to your website visitors?

Written by Finn Taylor on 22nd June 2015

(Last updated 9th February 2016)

Whilst a lot of effort goes into getting visitors to your website (SEO, Marketing, Advertising etc) this is only the first step in being successful - the real measure of success is what the visitor does once they arrive. This is where website chat can really help you engage with visitors.

"If your website is your showroom, the online chat system puts a sales team on the showroom floor, rather than letting them just wander out.”

The key benefit with website chat is that you can establish a dialogue with visitors rather than passively waiting for them to engage with you…after all, you know they are interested as they are on your website, so why not actually start a dialogue with them?

A website chat system can offer 

  • Sales support - allowing you to discuss product/service benefits with visitors, answering their questions and ultimately helping the potential buyer to better understand what is on offer.

  • Improve sales conversion - helping you to get a customer to commit and make a decision. All too often potential customers have a last minute wobble, which is where a well delivered engagement using a chat service can really come into its own.

  • Online service provision - one of the real benefits of an online chat system is that this can be used to deliver consultancy, support and advice based services online.

  • Technical support - a website chat platform can allow you to provide clients with fast and effective technical support, helping answer customers questions and resolve their problems without the need for phone or face-to-face support.

  • Improved operational efficiency - web based sales and support is operationally very efficient  compared to phone and face-to-face as it allows a single operator to support many clients simultaneously.

  • Proactive engagement - helping you to establish a relationship and dialogue with the visitor rather than just letting them wander past your market stall.

A website chat solution can really help you engage with your website visitors, reducing bounce rates, increasing conversions and ultimately helping your business to derive maximum results from your website, so it is really worth exploring how this can be added to your website to create a more engaging communication channel with your visitors.

Interested in the various options, then read our article on choosing a website chat system, or get in touch with us to discuss how your business can use online chat.

by Finn Taylor