4 ways video can enhance your website

Written by Will Chidlow, Candice Underwood on 31st August 2018

(Last updated 8th November 2023)

Video content is taking the World by Storm, we take it for granted and we see it everywhere. On Facebook, Netflix, even Twitter, but in web design it's still relatively underused. Today I'm going to talk to you about 4 ways you can enhance your website using video.

Before we dive in, let's talk very briefly about the benefits of having video on your website. It's been proven not only to increase customer engagement and customer retention rate but it can also lead to a higher conversion rate. From an SEO perspective according to comscore having a video on your website can also increase your chances of having a front page by up to 53 times.

Let's talk about how we can enhance your website with video 

1 - Talking Heads

Whether it’s a client testimonial or a message from CEO, Talking heads were one of the first ways that videos were used on websites and it continues to be relevant today. If you're not sure what a Talking Heads video is there is one at the top of this post! 

Talking head style videos are a great way to put your brand personality across to your customers, and it can be a fantastic way to communicate with them on a one-to one level. 

2 - Visually attractive video 

Another way to use video on your website is to use it as a form of decoration, something to grab the attention of users. This might be a video of a place or a product or maybe something more abstract. 

When using video as a form of decoration it's really important that it does not distract from the content of your website, that said, when done well it can really enhance engagement and interest in your content. 

3 - A mini advert or promotional video

A mini advert or promotional video is a great way to introduce or promote a product or a service in a really engaging manner. It's usually a mixture of a talking head video and some situational video, so maybe some shots of a product or a place. It's a really great opportunity to get creative and communicate your brand message clearly. One thing to think about when featuring a video like this on your website is whether you'd like it to autoplay, remember the audio can sometimes be invasive, especially if people are viewing this on the go or in public spaces. 

4 - Guides and Tutorials

There's no better way to decide whether you want to buy a product or a service than to have someone explain it to you rather than read all about it. In a recent survey 54% of people agreed that they had watched videos to learn about a product. When done well you can explain very complex topics in a really simple manner and really go into detail about the benefits of your product or business. It’s also a great opportunity to attract new customers as well as look after the ones you already have.

So there is 4 ways that you can enhance your website with video. With constantly evolving technologies new things are always around the corner so if you'd like to find out more please get in touch, we would love to hear from you and talk to you about how we can help you use video on your website. 

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