Covid-19 Update

on 9th April 2020

(Last updated 5th July 2023)


As a digital agency, moving to remote working hasn’t been too problematic, and it's given us an added incentive to find ways to deliver our workshops online and enable better collaboration with our clients. We’ve found using Mural and Miro invaluable as virtual shared whiteboards. Google Sheets, Google Docs and Slack are now essential. 

Google Meet has been our video conferencing application of choice. This is part of Google’s G-suite so many businesses are already paying for this. We can send out invites to people who don’t have Google accounts and because it runs in the browser, they don’t need to install any Apps. Thankfully, now that everyone is used to video conferencing, there are less of those awkward “can you hear me” moments! (Which reminds me of the classic video, which I hope will make you smile, Skype calls in real life)

We’re going to be putting together more articles around helpful suggestions and ways we can help our clients through these times so please keep checking our blog or sign up to our newsletter.

Many of our clients have been affected by recent events and we’ve been happy to support them in any way that we can. Sometimes this has been as simple as a phone call to talk through the challenges and offer advice. Often this has led to rapid deployment of alternative home pages that are designed to provide up-to-date information, including online events, new opening hours, FAQs and ways to sign up for email alerts. We’re also enhancing intranets to ensure companies stay connected, no matter where they are working from - something that is now more important than ever.

We know that ‘business as usual’ isn’t an option for many of us and we’re all going to face new challenges going forward. Please do talk to us if you need any support, we’re more than happy to talk you through your challenges. Digital delivery is now crucial to how businesses and organisations communicate, and we’re well placed to guide you through.