How to reset your TYPO3 password

Written by Will Chidlow on 13th January 2017

(Last updated 2nd November 2018)

First of all you will need to navigate to your website’s TYPO3  backend login page. To do this go to your website and in the browser address bar add /TYPO3 to the end of the url, for example; this will bring up the login screen.

Once you are on the login screen click the “Have you forgotten your password?” button. 

This will take you to a new screen which prompts you to enter an email address. This needs to be the email address that is registered against your TYPO3 account. Once you have entered your email address click the “reset my password” button.

The browser will now return you to the login screen and a green notification box will advise you that a reset password link has been emailed to you. 

Go to your inbox and find the email which is normally received very quickly. If the email doesn't arrive check your junk/spam folder as occasionally email clients will accidentally flag these emails as spam.

Once you have found the email click on the link provided.

The link will direct you to a new screen which asks you to enter a new password. It will ask you to enter in twice to ensure it is correctly entered. When choosing a password make sure it is secure. Once you have entered the new password click the “save password” button and a notification will advise you your password has been updated.

You will now be able to navigate back to the original login screen and login into your account successfully.

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