Liquid Light mentoring at UXBrighton Career Clinic

on 6th September 2016

(Last updated 25th October 2016)

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Making the first steps in your preferred career is always a scary endeavor. Luckily, advice is at hand, particularly if you are considering a career in UX and you can get to Brighton on the evening of the 13th September for this year’s UXbrighton career clinic.

This year our very talented design and UX department will be offering advice and guidance alongside Brighton digital luminaries such as Clearleft, The Unit, Ribot and Madgex, to name a few.

From the uxbrighton website:

I was lucky to be invited as a mentor to the last career clinic in 2014. I spoke to an interesting and varied mix of people, all from differing backgrounds, proving that UX is a broad term and one with various interpretations and specialisms.  UXBrightons Career Clinic is a great way for newcomers to the UX industry to get help in navigating the complexity of the UX industry.

We are excited to be mentoring at the next event, and look forward to the up and coming UX practitioners we will meet on the night. Hopefully we can impart a little wisdom and guidance.

This year's clinic is at the Fabrica gallery, Brighton, on the 13th September, 6.00pm.

For more information on this years career clinic, and to register your interest (tickets are free) check the uxbrighton website:

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