Ongoing Support & Optimisation

We believe that by focusing on long term relationships we’re able to gain a deeper understanding of organisations as they evolve. This enables us to continuously evaluate and improve digital products and leads to the cycles between full redesigns being extended.

It’s rare that an organisation have the full gamut of technical, creative, strategic, production and writing skills required to keep a project running at optimum capacity. Responding to your competitive landscape, keeping your website secure, maintaining engagement and launching new marketing campaigns requires many of these skills and that’s where we’ve built a dedicated team to help. 

Services may include: Analytics reporting & insights, SEO technical and on-page optimisation, Content creation (video, inforgraphics, social media assets etc.), Pro-active retainer with full suite of services

Support and Ongoing Optimisation

You’ll be assigned with a dedicated Digital Account Manager who will be your first point of contact for all your ongoing website support needs. They in turn are supported by a team so that you can depend on talented designers, developers and account handlers who know your project intimately.

Regular (usually weekly) client meetings ensure that projects and tasks stay on track and that we’re on hand to provide ongoing support whilst also recommending appropriate improvements to your website. We do this be constant evaluation from tools such as website analytics.


  • Ongoing support from a team who care and understand your business and website
  • Highly skilled team who can provide, technical ,creative and strategic advice and support
  • Cost effective, easy to budget and measurable improvements to your website

Content Creation

Not all clients can afford or need content specialists full time. By partnering with us, you’ll be able to take advantage of our ability to produce copywriting, email marketing, infographics, photography, video and social media campaigns. Combine this with your account handler who knows your marketing calendar inside out and you have a powerful content team ready to go.

CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation)

Once a site is built - how can we measure how well it’s performing and where can we tweak its performance to improve sign up and engagement? CRO is a technique that allows us to identify specific user behaviour and tasks and then make tweaks to specific steps in a process. 


  • Creates a granular, step by step process into understanding and tweaking a website over time
  • Measurable and insightful
  • Avoids assumptions and provides evidence based feedback on site improvements and user engagement

Brand Governance

We all know that overtime it becomes difficult to keep an organisation’s marketing collateral consistent. Brand guidelines go someway to solving this, but being experts in brand as well as having on-going client relationships puts us in the perfect position to monitor and evaluate all your output. 

Content Design

From social media, to emails, to websites, compelling content is critical to your online success. Without a coherent and achievable content strategy, you’re doomed from the start.

We identify key take-outs that users are expecting from the proposed website. This provides the early stage building blocks of the type of content and functionality we expect to see in the website. 

It’s at this point that we can also consider which social media platforms are most appropriate to support the website’s objectives.

    Technical and search engine optimisation (SEO)

    Since search engines started considering technical build quality & performance to be an important SEO ranking criteria, technical and SEO performance cannot be considered as separate disciplines.

    Unfortunately many web design agencies simply do not prioritise this, as they use pre-built themes as the basis of delivering low cost solutions, resulting in websites with poor technical ranking in Googles PSI & Lighthouse tools.

    At Liquid Light we focus on and prioritise technical performance ensuring your website works perfectly, but more importantly that you will get the best technical ranking in search engines.

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